Six historical sites,
one museum

Six historical sites, one museum

The Museo delle Storie di Bergamo is the city’s network of history-focused museums. Six sites spread throughout the city, united under one museum to recount the full history of Bergamo—from Roman times to the 20th century—through its stories.



An historical itinerary that explores the Venetian Walls of Bergamo, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2017

Vista dall'alto delle Mura di Bergamo

Convento di San Francesco

In the heart of Upper Bergamo, in Piazza Mercato del Fieno, the Convento di San Francesco is a fine example of medieval monastic architecture rich in hidden treasures

Tuesday – Thursday: 10-13 – 14-17 | Friday – Sunday & Holidays: 10-13 – 14-18

Palazzo del Podestà

In the shadow of the Campanone, the Palazzo del Podestà tells a story of distant origins: from Roman Bergamo to the splendour of the Renaissance

Tuesday – Friday: 10-18 | Saturday – Sunday & Holidays: 10- 19


In the heart of Piazza Vecchia stands the Torre Civica, also known as the Campanone. Soaring to 52.76 m (173 ft) in height, it offers visitors a breath-taking view of the old city.

Tuesday – Friday: 10-18 | Saturday – Sunday & Holidays: 10- 19

Torre dei Caduti

In the heart of Lower Bergamo, past the Porta Nuova porticoes, stands a monument dedicated to the memory of those who died in WWI

Saturday – Sunday & Holidays: 10-13 | 15-18


A few steps from the funicular railway in Upper Bergamo, on the Hill of Saint Euphemia, stands the Rocca fortress, a place dear to the hearts of locals

Tuesday – Sunday & Holidays: 11-19

Museo Donizettiano

Behind the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, in the quiet Via Arena is the Domus Magna: here, on the first floor, is the Museo Donizettiano.

Thursday – Sunday & Holidays: 10-17

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Step into the city’s history with the Museo delle Storie di Bergamo

Interno del Museo Bergamo 900. A sinistra una linea del tempo, a destra una grande mappa interattiva.

Bergamo 900

A historic 20th century. A land of stories. A new museum


A panorama of yesterday and today, made of beauty and history

Vista dall'alto delle Mura di Bergamo

Museo della fotografia Sestini

1,200,000 images, a century of history, and just one portal to learn about, study, and share historical photography