From the highest tower in the town, a view you’ll never forget 

In the heart of Piazza Vecchia stands the Torre Civica, the tower also known as the “Campanone”. Soaring to 52.76 m (173 ft) in height, it offers visitors a breath-taking view of the old city. The biggest bell in Lombardy is found at the top. Still today, every evening at 10 pm, the bell chimes 100 times, an exhilarating reminder of the closure of the gates of the city along the city walls during Venetian rule.


Torre civica di Bergamo
Vista notturna dal Campanone
L'orologio del Campanone

Torre Civica

Construction began in the mid-12th century by the Suardi-Colleoni family. Built for defence and as the embodiment of political and military prestige, the tower became an authentic symbol of civic identity in Bergamo over the decades.

When Bergamo was an independent township, the tower became public property along with the Palazzo del Podestà, taking on the status of a local symbol.

Between the late 1200s and the early 1300s, the tower was given an imposing bell and a mechanical clock.

It underwent many structural changes over the centuries: in the 1300s, prison cells were set up in its base; in the 1600s, the top was given a statue of Saint Alexander; and, lastly, in the 1960s, work was done to install a lift

The Campanone’s history

From the house-tower of the Suardi Colleoni family to the magic of a bell that tolls over 100 times: an exploration of the history of the Campanone, a favourite local monument.

12th cen.

Construction of the house-tower

In the 1100s, in a central location in the city, construction began on the tower

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13th cen.

A civic tower

Just a few years after it was built, the tower became the property of the local government

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14th cen.

The belfry

With the installation of the bell, it became the most famous bell tower in the city

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14-15th cen.

The clock

A mechanical clock decorates the façade of the tower on the Piazza Vecchia side

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New heights, once again

In the mid-1500s, some important renovations changed the shape and layout of the tower

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Casting of the “Campanone”

The largest bell of the Torre Civica, called the ‘Campanone’ is the work of smelter Bartolomeo Pesenti.

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