Interno del Museo Bergamo 900. A sinistra una linea del tempo, a destra una grande mappa interattiva.

Bergamo 900

A historic 20th century.
A land of stories.
A new museum

A new museum about the 20th century in and around Bergamo. An exhibition that encourages exploration going from a micro to a macro level, looking for local stories that intersect (or clash) with the grand sweep of history. Interesting for adults, who can find memories of events, places and objects from the last century, and stimulating for younger generations, who will learn while having as much fun as they would at the cinema or in front of a videogame console from the 1990s.


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Museo della Fotografia Sestini + exhibition area + Convento di San Francesco

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Amici del Museo delle storie di Bergamo, University students up to 26 years old, Groups of 15 people, discounts

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Bicicletta Bianchi azzurra

Bianchi Folgore racing bicycle, 1947

The Folgore is a top-of-the-line racing bicycle made by Bianchi in the 1930s. Other successful models came after it: the Folgorissima in 1949, ridden to victory by Fausto Coppi in the Paris-Roubaix race of 1950, and the Campione del Mondo, with which Coppi won the 1953 World Championships in Lugano. They were golden years for cycling: the Giro d’Italia became a symbol of post-war reconstruction and the economic boom. Made in Treviglio, they were the bicycles of champions, including Fausto Coppi and Felice Gimondi

Libero Gozzini, Mr Rossi action figure, 2008

Bruno Bozzetto, a cartoonist, illustrator and director from Bergamo, dedicated three feature films to his most famous character between 1976 and 1978. Closely tied to Bergamo, Mr Rossi embodies the average Italian during the economic miracle: Bozzetto created him in 1960. Like millions of his countrymen, Mr Rossi has given in to consumerism: he buys an automobile, he goes on holiday at the seaside, he visits Venice, goes skiing, and even camping. The character’s success is attested to by the production of collector’s items, such as the action figure displayed in Room III.

Cucina giocattolo in legno con mobilio

Play kitchen by Foppa Pedretti

This play kitchen is the work of Ezio Foppa Pedretti who, in the family workshop, turned furniture processing scraps into toys. In 1946, the Foppa Pedretti brothers opened their ‘Toy Factory’: with the arrival of consumer society, people no longer built their own toys. Instead, they became pre-made goods to acquire. With the subsequent use of plastic, Foppa Pedretti made items for young children and decorative accessories for the house, which would revolutionize the market via practical furniture that simplified domestic chores.

Macchinina rossa in materiale Moplen

Pedal car in moplen, 1960s

This pedal car is made of a material called Moplen, which is a lightweight thermoplastic polymer that was synthesized in 1954 by future Nobel Laureate Giulio Natta, a Bergamo resident by choice. Molpen is malleable; it can be moulded into fine gauges and it takes colour easily, making it perfect for lightweight, innovative objects for the home, from basins to washboards and cups. These everyday objects were made in a material that would come to define the 1900s: plastic, which gradually replaced wood, glass and iron.

Bergamo 900

Opened in November 2021, the exhibition on the 1900s is the most recent project from the Museo delle Storie network.

Collaboration has been key to this exhibition: over 130 cultural institutions (local, national and international), private companies, and collectors have offered their collections and archives to help make

Bergamo 900 is a veritable narrative world built around four ways of looking at the 1900s: events, places, everyday life, and voices. The exhibit makes use of all possible media: audio-visual recordings, photographs, documents, oral history and materials. That includes the voices of famous people central to the great cultural, scientific, economic, social and athletic enterprises that made Bergamo a national and international protagonist of the 20th century. Bergamo 900 is a ‘construction site’ of stories, a museum that promises continuous developments, dialogue, explorations and new activities for schools

dettaglio di timeline. In primo piano la scritta 1950

Discover the museum

Four rooms are home to almost 100 years of change, revolution, and movement: from economic, political, cultural and social change, to new ways to come together, everyday life, modern forms of communication and even environmental issues



An immersive video installation plunges visitors into the economic, political and cultural change of the 1900s

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A large, six-meter-long interactive map lets visitors discover the city and the province around it.

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Iconic objects that made Bergamo and its residentsfamous around the world.

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Everyday life

An impressive timeline frames the entire exhibition

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