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On Sant’Eufemia hill, not far from the funicular to Upper Bergamo, is the Rocca, a 14th-century fortress which has long been beloved by locals. Those who take the short walk to reach it are rewarded by a view of the robust walls and the mighty Venetian tower, a wonderful vantage point from which to admire Bergamo from above, spanning from the wonders of the Upper Bergamo, to the Bergamasque Alps and the entire Bergamo plain, all the way to Milan.

Giubba rossa e ritratti di Giuseppe Mazzini, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour e Vittorio Emanuele II

Museo dell’Ottocento

Garibaldi and the Thousand

Le Mura della Rocca di Bergamo
Torrione della Rocca di Bergamo
Vista del camminamento della Rocca


The Rocca, a 14th-century fortification, stands on one of the oldest inhabited areas of Bergamo, known as Sant’Eufemia hill. Its imposing keep is surrounded by one of the city’s most beautiful green spaces, Parco delle Rimembranze.

The first fortified centre on the hill of Sant’Eufemia goes back to the Celts (4th cen. BCE). However, construction on the building we see today began in 1331 by John of Luxembourg and was completed in 1336 under Azzone Visconti.

The start of the rule of the Republic of Venice in 1428 led to substantial changes to the fortress: the circular tower and the Scuola dei Bombardieri (now the Museo dell’Ottocento) were built.

The Rocca was no less important in the 19th and 20th centuries, as the Austrians and the Kingdom of Italy used it as a military garrison and prison.

Vista panoramica di Città Alta

The history of the Rocca

The history of the Rocca in eight short segments so that you can learn about this Medieval fortress, from its founding to its transformation over the centuries and its central role in the Risorgimento.

6-5th cen.

Sant’Eufemia hill

One of the earliest inhabited hills of Bergamo lies in the heart of the old city

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5th cen.

Church of Sant’Eufemia

One of the first Christian churches in the city stands on the ruins of a pagan temple

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The construction of the Rocca as the symbol of new noble power

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The circular tower

The start of Venetian rule brought about a few important changes for the Rocca

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16th cen.

Scuola dei Bombardieri

Training and exercise grounds for Venetian artillerymen

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19th cen.

Headquarters of the Austrian troops

Following Napoleon’s defeat, the Austrians took control of the Rocca

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Use as a prison

The Rocca became the property of the Italian state and was turned into a prison

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Museo del Risorgimento

The museum display about the Italian Risorgimento was moved to the Rocca, reopened in 1917

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