The Walls of Bergamo.
An “alla moderna” Venetian fortress

Palazzo del Podestà
01/11/2023 > 01/11/2023

An “alla moderna” Venetian fortress

As part of BergamoBrescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023, the Museum is hosting a large temporary exhibition dedicated to the history of Bergamo’s fortress
It will be held in a place that symbolizes Bergamo under Venetian rule:  the Palazzo del Podestà, with its prestigious Sala dei Giuristi (Hall of Jurists), in Piazza Vecchia.

“The Walls of Bergamo. An alla moderna Venetian Fortress.”

This exhibition will explore key themes relating to the design and construction of the Walls of Bergamo, a UNESCO heritage site since 2017. Through objects (documents, maps, treatises, works of art, and artillery) ‘the case of Bergamo’ will be examined not only within the broader context of the network of alla moderna fortresses built by the Venetian Republic, but also in the light of their social, economic and political impact on the city and the land.

The exhibition also aims to reflect UNESCO values and pass on the history of our tangible and intangible heritage to both local and international audiences.


Palazzo del Podestà
Opens in November 2023